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Pottery Class


Date Night Pottery Class

NYC's date night pottery class for couples will help you kick start your evening with your partner in style! You and your partner will learn the very basics of throwing on the potter's wheel during a 2 hours pottery class at a studio in town.

Learn the weighing and preparing balls of clay, then the secrets of the wheel. Master the skill of centring your clay, shaping and working with tools, and the techniques of throwing bowls and cylinders.

BYOB Date Activities

Get a little "merry' while you pot at this BYOB workshop at Couples Classes NYC's Studio. A fun take on the classic workshop over the course of 120 minutes, enjoy a glass of wine or 2 during your class - it's a grown up way to do a pottery party.

NYC has gone potty for clay lately, the couples classes we have on offer will make you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of pottery. Pottery it's not just about making cool things with your own hands. Pottery also offers a new community of like-minded artists plus a refuge from our all too hurried world.!

pottery classes for couples NYC

Virtual Classes

On-Line date night activities for couples streamed all over US!


Pottery Work-Shop - New York City

Head down with your date to NYC's favorite pottery studio, skilled instructors will be teaching you how to work the wheel like a pro. Try your hand at making plates, bowls, mugs and vases with the your date in a fun and relaxed environment.

Make Your Own "Dish" Class - Date night activities

Your teacher will demonstrate each of the stages before you will be let loose to try your hand at spinning the wheel. Spend the workshop making your own breakfast bowl or dinner plate that can be smoothed, textured or decorated with funny patterns.

"Hand Made" - Ceramic work-shop NYC

Taught by skilled ceramic workers, this workshop is the perfect hands on activity for NYC couples. Suitable for both complete beginners or for those seeking some attention to work through the difficulties of getting started with clay.

The "Hand Made" ceramic work-shop is great for couples who want to learn pottery skills separately from the wheel. Learn the basics of clay preparation with your partner and simple techniques to build a pot or mug with added decorative detail for each other.

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