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Cooking Class At Home


Cooking Class - Fun classes for couples, NYC

Do you dream of becoming Michelin Star chefs? The Cooking Class for couples is the perfect begin to your new culinary journey! With a local professional chef, you and your partner will learn how to cook the tastiest dishes in a fun and relaxed environment!

Put your chef hats on and get cooking with your date, this is one of the top seller classes for 2 you can take at home in NYC. Learn authentic and international recipes from local experts & chefs on a one of a kind private cooking class for couples. From family baking workshops to pizza, pasta, mexican, thai, sushi, macaron and sweet madeleines on a secret rooftop. The choice is yours!

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Cocktail Making Class

Fun mixology classes for couples at home in NYC!

Classes Pricing List

SUSHI Classes HOT $195

2 hours of sushi making covering the basics, the popular choice right now!

Italian Cusine $195

Learn to make pasta & pizza from scratch with your date, authentic Italian cuisine cooking classes at home!

Chinese Cuisine $195

Learn the basics of making traditional Chinese food at home from professional chefs!

Family Cooking Class

Family Cooking Class

At cooking classes for family you will even be able to bring your children with you so you can work & bond as a team, thanks to the “Family Cooking Class” where parents and children will work to cook recipes together.

French Cooking Class
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French Cooking Class

A full 6 hours spent with a professional chef including menu planning, doing the shopping together, cooking and eating! This is the real French Connection experience for 2, the best cooking class for couples in NYC!

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Virtual Cooking Class


Virtual Classes - Cooking, baking, sushi, pizza & pasta...

From taking a cooking class together at one of the NYC's culinary schools to going virtual and hands -on from the comfort of your kitchen! At Couples Classes NYC you have plenty of cooking workshops to choose from when it comes to exciting and unique date opportunities.

   Authentic Italian - Pasta & pizza making class

  Asian - Sushi, Noodles, Ramen, Thai & Chinese

  Sea Food - Learn to cook the perfect fish dish...

The online cooking classes for couples will help you brush up on your kitchen skills in a fun and relaxed environment! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chef looking to learn something new, here you will find the best virtual date night classes to take right now.

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Date Night Classes NYC

Great classes for off-beat dates filled with fun and adventure.

Pricing List

Cooking Class NEW $149

A 2 hours cooking class for 2 with a professional chef of your choice.

Menu Consultation Free

You will be forwarded a list with all the ingredients/equipment required based on the menu selected prior to the class date.

Additional Time $95/hour

Should you require additional time, a flat fee of $95 per hour will be charged.

Book A Private Chef
at your location

Book A Private Chef

Book A Private Chef for 2 hours to teach a class for 2 at your location. Where applicable, travel charges will be confirmed at booking stage.

Book A Class In Town
at our location
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Book A Class In Town

A cooking class for 2 at a culinary school in NYC or at a local restaurant kitchen. Learn to make a 3 course meal in a 2.5h hands-on workshop.