massage class for couples

Massage Class For Couples


Massage Class For Couples - New York City

  Relaxing massage - Relaxing massage techniques to help you unwind

  Thai massage - Therapeutic Asian massage

  Shiatsu massage - Learn the basics of shiatsu

Relaxing massage classes for couples at home or at our studios in town. Come along with your date and learn to deliver an amazing massage to your partner. Understand the techniques, secrets plus proper ergonomics and positioning as to not hurt your body.

Learn to massage each body part with ease and understanding.

massage class for couples nyc


Classes At Home
2 hours private class

Classes At Home

Our workshops are designed bespoke for you and your partner through consultation prior to your couples massage workshop. We use furniture from your home to deliver the class and we will guide you through massage techniques that can be easily adapt to each other in your home.

Class At Our Studio
75 minutes class

Class At Our Studio

Understanding the way your body works, is the first step that will enable you to give an effective massage. Join our massage classes for couples at studios in NYC and your trainer will provide you with practical and useful tips and stretches, that will benefit you long after our session has ended.

Relaxing Massage hot $175

Learn to give relaxing massage to your partner and watch the love grow!

Sports Massage Class $149

Help your partner relax after a hard workout, this is a 60 minutes class.

Pregnancy Massage Class $199

Guided pregnancy massage techniques through various sitting & lying positions, available after the 1st trimester.

Shiatsu Massage Class 60 minutes $149

Shiatsu, often called finger pressure massage. Learn to help your partner lessen stress and ease neck, shoulder, and back pain.


fun date night class NYC

Couple's Massage Class

With our Body Massage for Couples workshop you can discover how to give a wonderful body massage safely to your partner.

date night activities

Date Night Activities

Take your partner and come and learn basic massage techniques in a casual, comfortable setting. The perfect date nigh gift!

romantic massage for 2

Romantic Massage Class

This couples massage class is dedicated to teaching one or both of you how to help relieve each other’s aches and pains.