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Dance Class


Dance Class - Fun classes for couples, NYC

There's no better time to concentrate on each other and take that dance class for couples that you have always said would be a ‘nice to do’. Learn some bad-ass dance steps so that next time you go to a social event in NYC, you will be the couple that everyone envies instead of watching enviously when other couples hit the dance floor.

   NYC Latino Dance Class - Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha...

  NYC Ballrom Dance Class - Waltz, Fox-Trot, Twist

  NYC Disco Dance Class - The sound of 70's and 80's

date night dance classes for couples NYC

Date Night Ideas

Pottery classes, mixology, cooking or dance classes. Book online today!

Pricing List

Class at home HOT $149

One 2 hours dance class in NYC with a professional instructor.

At our studio $175

A 90 minutes private dance class for couples at a studio in town with a dance instructor of your choice.

Virtual dance class $149

Virtual dance classes for couples streamed online all over the US!

Wedding Dance Class

Wedding Dance Class

With our wedding dance classes for couples in NYC, your all-important first dance will be the enjoyable and romantic experience it should be!

Book A Dance Partner

Book A Dance Partner

Learn to dance with a professional dance partner so that you can concentrate on your leader steps. Book a dance instructor and build your skills and confidence.