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Learn to dance your favourite dance style with the help of a professional dance partner. Please note, your dance partner is not a dance instructor. The role of a dance partner is to replace your partner in case they are not able to attend a class. You can also book a dance partner to attend a dancing event with you.

  Perfect for beginners – get a confidence boost!

   Animation – Get excited!

  Choreography – Pick your favorite dance style!


Book a dance partner

Take your dance skills to the next level with the help of a professional dance partner! The dance partners from Couples Classes NYC are allocated based on the dance classes you would like to take, they are skilled students or ex students with years of intensive practice and some of them even have even competed in national and international dance competitions.

Whether you are looking to learn Ballroom, Hip Hop or Shuffle, you will be able to learn a few dance routines you can practice from the comfort of your living room at home. Be the couple that everyone else admires and envies the next time you go to a dance event!

Unless you want otherwise, we promise not to make you dance with anyone other than your own partner during the lesson.

  • Convenient locations near you, we collaborate with 6 dance studios located in NYC
  • Book dance lessons at your own home, we come to you
  • Dates & times that suit you, we are available any day of the week
  • Gift Vouchers available

There are always a variety of important details needed to be discussed before the learning process begins, and it is very important to have a clear idea of what you would like yo achieve as a future dance star. At Couples Classes NYC we care for each and every person who learns to dance with us!


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