Dance Classes For Couples


learn to dance in a fun environment from the comfort of your home, our dance instructors will come to you. Grab your partner and learn basic and advanced dance moves! Our exclusive date night experience is the perfect way to start a fun filled evening with your honesy!.

  Dance style> – Pick your favorite

  Availability – 7 days per week

  Location – At your house



At Couples Classes NYC we offer private and group dance lessons for individuals who are inspired to move from the comfort of your home. Perfect for the couple who are looking to do something a little different for date night and for a group if friends, our dance instructors will come to you. Get into the rhythm with fiery Latin American dance, Hip Hop or Nightclub styles. Whatever your level, we will take your dance skills to the next level and make sure you have fun doing it.

Couples Dance Class

The dance instructors are devoted to bringing people together through dance and aspire to create new bonds. With our couple’s dance class, we hope to reignite passion through learning new skills together. So, stop watching everyone else have all the fun and join the party. We’ve put together some background information to help you decide which form of dance you want to get into:


Salsa: A quick-paced rhythmical dance which is both is fast and fun. Also, very popular amongst clubs and bars.

Bachata: A wonderful sensual dance that continues to flow alongside the distinct music. This dance is also very popular alongside Salsa.

Rock N Roll: Spin around the dance floor to your party favourites! great for every occasion.

Rumba: This popular social dance is great for most social dance floors and weddings. Easy applicable to most modern love songs.

Tango: Because of its sensual moves, this is the perfect dance for the couple looking to recreate a connection or spark a little romance. Learn to dance very close together.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop Dance Moves For Beginners · Get Groovy on the dance floor with the help of a professional dance instructor from the comfort of your home.


These are just a few of the many styles on offer for your date night. And if you’re not sure which style to try out, you can send some of your favourite songs before hand and learn to dance to them..


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