Private Massage Class


Learn to give your partner a world class massage in the privacy of your home or hotel. Our instructor will bring everything you need including the massage table, lotions and the music. This private massage class for couples is a great way to celebrate your partner, giving you both a unique and fun bonding experience as well as “the date that keeps on giving”!

  Class 1 – Scalp, back & feet

  Class 2 – Arms, legs & hands

  Class 3 – Back, shoulders & tension relief points


The private massage classes can be taken in any order, but, we highly recommend purchasing all three classes to learn to give a fantastic Full Body Massage for your partner. Because of the private environment and the personalized instruction you receive in a private lesson you can learn twice as fast then in the group class environment. You will require to have a partner on the day, however, attendees do not need to be a couple. Classes can be personalised as per your exact requirements and married couples, dating partners, friends, and anyone interested in learning the enviable skill of giving an excellent massage, are all welcome. Likewise, this class is open to all ages and types of couples.

The Private Massage Class For Couples NYC

Everything you need to learn to massage your partner like a pro will be demonstrated at the Private Massage Class by your instructor. Each session will last 2 hours and you will begin with a light stretching session.

Each class will be customized for you , please state the dates and times that work best for you, your address, and any special instructions. Don’t forget to tell us if it’s special event or a surprise for your partner. To start the process, you may purchase the gift certificate for $250 in our online store.

If you have already made a purchase you would like to apply towards the lesson, please email us to plan the day accordingly. We do require payment up front for all private lessons scheduled. The rates are based on a travel range of 10 miles outside of Manhattan. Additional charges may apply in urban areas, areas of high traffic, and outside of this travel range

At our classes you will start with the basics before moving into more complex massage routines that will send your partner into a relaxing bliss. Not only that, but after taking these classes you will make dates nights and your relationship a lot of fun! Its amazing how powerful massage can be to bring two people together in such deep intimacy!


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